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Affordable luxury clothing – no longer an oxymoron

vera wang wedding gown source googleIt’s almost every girl’s dream to walk down the aisle in a beautiful one-of-a-kind Vera Wang wedding gown. Most girls also wouldn’t mind wearing couture jackets and carrying designer hand bags. Well, this was just a dream for all of us “average girls” out there… until now.

Many high-fashion designers are considering those on a budget and are creating lines for bargain stores like Target, K-Mart and Kohl’s. So it looks like we can get a little taste of designer heaven after all.

Designer Duds in Discount Stores
Vera Wang is known as one of the most talented bridal gown designers around, so many were surprised to see her line of boots, jackets and more appropriately titled “Simply Vera Vera Wang” at Kohl’s stores across the nation. Most of the clothing ranges from $20 to $100. It may not be a “steal,” but you’re definitely getting quality garments.

Isaac Mizrahi is another one who chose to make “designer styles priced right.” Most people are used to seeing his clothing on pin-thin runway models at New York Fashion Week, but now, “everyday women” can wear his designs. His Target line has everything from cashmere sweaters to little black dresses in a price range from about $25 to $120.

Target also scored big when Anya Hindmarch launched a line of handbags. The London designer found a way to convert a $1,200 clutch to a $20 clutch, and she did a darn good job if I say so myself. Women now have a variety of quality handbags to choose from that still look classy and elegant.

Anya Hindmarch designer bag
Anya Hindmarch designer bag

Success of the Lines
Although these clothing and accessory lines have been successful, some think the discount aspect may “turn off” the designer label buyers. Those at Pierce Mattie Public Relations wrote this post and agree Wang made a good decision targeting a different market, but also second-guessed her designer status.

The line is largely successful in partial thanks to great brand communication (aka public relations). What about the “new” image of Vera Wang? Does this detract from her status as the go-to for the best bridal gown possible?


Anya Hindmarch Target bag
Anya Hindmarch Target bag

My PR Perspective

As a buyer looking for quality, designer-like clothing at an affordable price, I think Wang, Mizrahi and Hindmarch are smart for targeting these consumers and stores. Although some may think it will take away from their high-end designer status, I don’t think their sales will suffer because they have already established loyal buyers.

At the end of the day, public relations must come into the mix. If these designers see consumers demand something, they should give it to them. Pleasing the customer is always the most important thing, and those in PR know they must do that every day. 

What do you think of these designer transitions?

Check out Isaac Mizrahi’s Target commercial to see his luxury designs for an affordable price!