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I had readers? Who knew?

So, I randomly checked the stats on my blog the other day, and what do you know? I’ve had more people visit this thing since I’ve stopped writing than when I actually slaved over posts for hours on end trying to write something semi-relevant and interesting to my loyal followers (aka my mom and a few classmates.)

I would continue to write posts on this blog; however, after interning in New York City this summer, I realized fashion PR was not my calling after all. Although I love the city, fashion and PR, the three together do not equal a career for me.

I’ve decided to change my direction and head for the nation’s capital. I’ve only been applying and interviewing for a short amount of time, but I’m hoping to find something soon!  And since my life as a recent graduate is far from interesting, I do not have any inspiration to start a new blog… yet. But I have every intention to do so once something profound pops into this brain of mine.

To those of you who have been reading year-old posts, hang tight. I’ll be back soon.